Aircraft Management

Review the 6 Stages of Aircraft Management here.

Owning and Managing an aircraft can be fun but at the same time daunting. Quite often the fun of flying can be taken away by the frustration of ownership. Engaging with someone who can assist with the less ‘fun part’ of aircraft ownership is an option that helps to keep you safely flying with a smile.

Owning and Operating a valuable asset like an aircraft requires some knowledge and experience. When considering the option of purchasing an aircraft it is wise to decide and act slowly – you are not buying a car or boat. Decisions must be based on as much available data that can be found. Purchasing an aircraft without doing some research is setting the scene for an unpleasant and expensive ownership experience. Many aircraft in general aviation are quite old and even with regular maintenance there is a possibility that, because of the passage of time, not all information will ever be available. Do not be shy about asking questions and requesting help – preferably from an experienced neutral third-party – do this BEFORE you purchase! Determine your risk appetite and then proceed accordingly.

REMEMBER – Once ownership of the aircraft has transferred YOU own it AND its history.

View your Aircraft Ownership experience as a Long-Term project, bearing in mind that there are 6 stages in the ownership life-cycle.

These are – 1) Select, 2) Acquire, 3) Operations & Project management, 4) Repair & Maintenance Management, 5) Business Management, 6) Re-Sale or disposal.

Please use the contact page if there is any element of the 6 stages that you or your organization may need some assistance with and if you would like to discuss engaging our services.