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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is defined as the part of Quality Management that involves planned AND systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that operational and maintenance practices will satisfy given requirements. Quality Assurance includes all those systematic measures needed to ensure that an operation is well Planned, Organized, Developed, Controlled (operated), Maintained, Innovated, and supported in accordance with appropriate regulations and the operators own requirements. Robust Quality Audits and Implementation of Controls are key to a successful QA process.

A robust Quality Assurance approach ensures that processes are working towards maintaining safety standards and ultimately customer satisfaction.

If your aviation (or any other) business is not generating the returns that it should, it may be wise to review your Quality Assurance process. We approach Quality Assurance from a Lean/6 Sigma point of view. A data driven process review will quickly expose process that are not functioning well and that may be costing your business. Contact us using the contact form if you would like an independent review or third party management of your Quality Assurance process.

Safety Management Systems

ICAO mandates that all member states must have a country specific Safety Management System that is actively promoted by the regulator. The regulator will ensure that every operator involved in the sector whether airline, charter, cargo, training or maintenance organizations implement their own Safety Management Systems.

In support of your safety implementation we offer a third party audit service. A neutral third party can provide an ‘acid test’ gap analysis of the safety status of your organization. Depending on the outcome, and using 6 Sigma methodology we can also assist with project managing your Safety Management System to where it should be.

The gap analysis foundation is ICAO 9859.

In addition we also offer a OHaS audit service.

Aircraft Management

Thinking about purchasing an aircraft. Think thrice before acting is the first piece of advice. Access more information by clicking on the header.

Strategy – Operations – Tactics

A competitive and differentiated advantage is achieved by aligning tactics with operations, both receiving direction from the strategic plan. In this way everything in the business forms part of a process. Every process is in constant need of measurement which then influences management decisions. Is everything in your business well aligned?

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