C208B & King Air BE20 Prof Check Quiz

A small deviation from our normal QA discussion to let you know that via our sister website https://thecompactcoach.co.za/ we are offering on-line technical quizzes that support the PPC process. Two question banks are available at the moment with additional question banks being added over time. We are also able to build organization specific (password protected) question banks that are approved by your companies internal training processes. The benefits of our on-line approach – the costs are minimal, the completed quiz is traceable, a dated certificate is available once the quiz has been successfully completed.

Our process is a simple one. The POH is the reference and we do not use innuendo or trick questions that just serve to irritate. Have fun!!!!!

In addition our platform at the thecompactcoach offers Leadership Coaching options as well as Foundational training in Change Management and Sales & Negotiation skills.

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Your Quality Assurance Team Skill Set

For Quality Management System and Quality Assurance processes to be effective requires, not only financial investment, but also a varied set of skills. These skills may be at an individual level, however they also need to be developed throughout the organization. Quality Assurance touches all aspects of the business and influences correct adherence to regulations and strategic direction. The organizations skill set at a QA level must support, Safety, Strategic Goals and an Understanding of Expense and Profit Levers. Treating QA as a purely administrative function but then discounting its power to influence other business levers may result in lost opportunities to enhance overall organizational effectiveness and behaviour.
Investing in the Team Skill Set is investing in the organizations future.

Quality Assurance

An effective Quality Assurance program ensures compliance and conformance of Management Systems to both regulatory and strategic requirements. To be effective the Quality Assurance process must have an effective Audit program. The Audit Program must be systematic and consistent, fact based and robust, supported by problem solving tools, which identify risks and opportunities to enhance organizational effectiveness, maintain a safe environment and lead to elevated levels of customer experience. 

Companies approach Quality Assurance in different ways. Do any of the descriptions below resonate?

An effective QA Program will ensure a safe and profitable organization.

Quality Assurance

By following a systematic process it is possible to identify root cause of organizational and process issues. To be effective though it requires an implementation plan that embeds improvements and behaviour.

Welcome to Our Blog Page

From time to time we will post some information items on this page. In particular they will relate to Quality Assurance and Consulting. QA in the Aviation Industry requires a high level of detail. In everything that we do we follow a project methodology approach. It could be influenced by Lean, 6Sigma DMAIC or the use of adapted processes from AGILE/Scrum. We look forward to publishing and to your frequent visits. Please use the contact page if there is something of interest that catches your eye in either our published website material or anything that appears on this page.

Aviation is our passion but we adapt to any industry particularly those that are capital equipment intensive and that require the implementation of processes that support strategic decisions.