Management System Auditing

  • Does the prospect of being audited create some apprehension?
  • How well is your audit program being managed?
  • Do you find that your organization struggles to keep to the audit program?
  • Is the internal audit schedule in your organization running behind?
  • Is the audit program viewed as a necessary evil or is used as a tool to ensure that Management Systems are functioning as they should?
  • Is your organization able to prevent self-auditing and retain objectivity?
  • Does your audit program recognize ‘Risks & Opportunities’?
  • Is the Audit Program focused on ultimately achieving high levels of Customer Satisfaction?
  • Do you need a ‘third party’ to provide an objective and unbiased view on your processes?

We would like to work with you in achieving your goals and ensure that your Management Systems are delivering to their objectives and that any statutory or regulatory requirements are being met.

Our focus is to ensure that there is Continuous Improvement by asking the right (sometimes Tough) questions that test the robustness and depth of processes that your organization is built upon. Our focus is always on finding the evidence to substantiate any findings, good or bad, thus ensuring we ‘play the process and not the person’.

Our approach is founded on AS9100D, ISO9001, ISO19011, Quality Assurance, Safety Management and project methodology strongly influenced by 6 Sigma and Lean.

Below is a graphic that illustrates the Continuous Improvement approach we follow in planning, executing and implementing not only the Audit process but also any improvement opportunities that it presents.

The Audit process need not be a daunting task. If you would like some assistance please contact us using the Contact Form. We would be pleased to provide a cost effective proposal based on either a per hour, per audit or monthly retainer basis.