Quality Assurance

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Any organization that seeks to function efficiently and safely will need to have a set of policies, procedures and processes that are quality checked on a systematic and consistent basis. A failed Quality Assurance process will result in the organizations broader objectives not being met and then, ultimately, a failure of the business.

An aviation organization is built on the two pillars of Quality Management and Safety Management. If either of these two pillars is weak then the whole organization becomes unstable, dysfunctional and unprofitable.

Quality Assurance is the mechanism by which compliance and conformance in an organization is maintained. It also provides the means by which the outputs of existing processes may be reviewed and then, with a focus on Continuous Improvement, be enhanced upon.

A well implemented Quality Assurance process will be of great benefit to an organization. It will also require some investment in resources for any benefits to be realized.

How well is your aviation organization (or any other type of organization) performing in adhering to the Management Audit Schedule, the Quality Policy Objectives, or the Quality Planning Process. Are any Quality Improvements meaningful and generating a measurable return.

By using your existing Management Plans and Audit Schedules we can assist with a gap analysis review of organizational processes. Process improvements then become fact and not opinion based.

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