Strategy – Operations – Tactics

An Approach to Strategic Planning

Does the thought of doing a strategic review conjure up ideas of long days and nights generating endless amounts of charts, paperwork and powerpoint slides? We prefer an approach that uses minimal intrusion and whatever information is readily available. The fact is this – In a fast changing economic environment the need for constant review of the strategic direction will always be there. Keep things simple at the strategic level. At the operational level – set your business up to be agile and flexible – whilst at the same time being able to achieve the strategic goals. Lastly align your tactics to deliver on the required operational requirements. In many cases, unless there is a major strategic change, the operational backbone of a business will remain even if the direction may change.

Keep things simple when defining a strategy, more defined and prescriptive at the operational level and agile at the tactical level.

Process Improvement Tools

It is possible that the solution to a business problem may be plainly obvious. No need for any long term and complex projects. We say – document the current state – decide on the improvement – document the new state and monitor.

How do you determine which approach may be needed? Click here for some direction.

The main action though is to make a decision even if the decision is not to act – yet!